Saturday, February 22, 2014

Terrible Two's

I have heard some stories about children reaching the Terrrible Two's and they were awful. I thought that Peter was going to miss that faze because he has been a wonderful good boy so far . Well in the past couple of days The Terrible Two's came knocking on the front door and came in unannounced .

He has never said, "No" before to myself or my wife. Nor has he ever screamed and cried so much before. Nor has he hit us. That has changed big time. He is like a devil spawn child who makes Rosemarie's baby look like a saint.

In the last two days Peter has broken two tablets. Everyone has said, why did you give a two year old a tablet . He has apps on there for learning which he does very well with. The first one he dropped and the on button broke off and can not be replaced. The second one he threw. No more tablets for him. 

Why does The Terrible Two's get such a bad rap?  Because most adults  don't understand what a child goes through during this period of their lives. Children can not always express themselves at that age and have a hard time expressing what they want or need. This sometimes causes a child to act out. This is very normal. But to us adults it is not. 

With everything in life, this will pass too and I am looking forward to Peter growing and learning. I really hope this stage  passes very fast. 

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