Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Adventures In Potty Sitting

It has been a long road. A road that began a while ago. A question to answer too. Do we teach him to stand up or sit down on the potty. This question has been asked before. There are many that say let sit first and then stand. Others have said let him stand. What do we do?

Peter was always curious about going to the bathroom. He would always try to get into the bathroom anytime I was in there. He had a fascination about going to the bathroom. "Why does daddy stand and mommy sit?", he would ask. I would have to explain to him in the simplest way. Mommies and daddies have different organs that we use for going to the bathroom. That's why daddies stand and mommies sit when going pee pee on the potty.

We decided to make him sit at the beginning of his potty training because it was just easier on the little playschool potty. Now he is standing on the regular toilet bowl sometimes. It depends on his mood. He is definitely sitting on the playschool potty. I am sure that if he stood by the playschool potty he would pee all over the floor, the walls and me.

He refused to poop on the potty. I am trying to have patients with this. He holds it and then goes in his underpants. I have caught him once and was able to get him on the potty. I ask him why he does not want to go on the potty and he changes the subject. I can believe it because he is only three years old. My wife and myself do not want to put pressure on him to poop on the potty.

He is finally starting to poop on the potty now. We are so proud of him because sometimes it is like a road that constantly curves without a straight road or sometimes it is like a circle, never ending. We encourage him constantly and give him praise for the accomplishment.

Just as soon as we got him into a routine. He started daycare which made him revert back a bit because there are children that are littler than him. He sees them in diapers so he figures why can't he go in his underpants, There are also children older than him. The reason he also doesn't want to go to the bathroom is because he believes he will miss out on a lot of playing. When he went in his  underpants he felt embarrassed. The older children would also encourage him. After a two week adjustment he went back on the potty. Yeah!

It has been an adventure and a challenge for all of us and will continue to potty train as much as we can. There have been ups and downs on this road. It may be the I don't know what potty to go on adventure, or the stand or sit adventure, or the pooping adventure. We will encourage him and hope that this adventure will end soon because a new adventure will begin.