Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lets start from the beginning

Hi all!

This is my first blog and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I have read so many others blogs from dads and thought it would be fun to jump right in and have a crack at it.

Let's start from the beginning. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be married and have children. In my twenties I really enjoyed myself. I had lots of friends and I was always doing something but in back of my mind I always had the dream of marriage and children. As time went on the dream started to fade and reality set in. I might end up being a bachelor and never get married and have children. I am very picky and would not settle for just anyone. My thirtieth birthday was approaching. I kept on going, having fun and enjoying life but felt life was incomplete. I thought it was over. At thirty one I met Kate through a family member. At first I wasn't interested in her because we are completely  opposite. She is very quiet and me coming from an Italian family I am very loud. We were always together for one occasion or another. I got to know her really well. We became really good friends. At the age of  thirty four I was married. Dream one was completed. I was hoping for a child with in  the first two years. As time went on, the hope of children started to diminish.  Kate and I both had checkups to see if the plumbing was working. All checked out for me but for Kate there were problems. She has poly cystic ovary sydrome. We both came to the conclusion that we were both going to be good Aunts and Uncles to our three nieces.

We tried and tried again to have children. For one reason or another it never worked out for us. Stress plays a major part of it. Kate and I gave up.  The stress was off of us because that was it. We stopped trying for a while.
We decided to give it another shot and try again. Kate had so much stress on herself because she lost her job and all of our bills fell on me. She decided to go visit her friends for a long weekend in Maryland.  She started not feeling well down there. Her friends spouse gave her a shot for the naseauness. For a couple of days she felt awful. When she came home she was still feeling really bad. One  day when I got home from work Kate  had problems breathing. She wanted to go to the hospital. So we went because she became scared and I began to worry. They did some tests but had to go farther .They were going to take x-rays of her chest.The doctor said that she needed to take a pregnancy test before they can give her x-rays . She argued with the staff at the hospital. I know my own body. I am not pregnant. I left to go get something to eat because I was starving. I hadn't eatten since that morning . The x-rays came back and she had pneumonia. Thats what she told me that day which was true but she didn't tell me the rest.

Two weeks later when I came home from work Kate said she had to talk to me. I sat in my comfortable chair and she looked into my eyes and said," You know I love you". I had no idea which way this conversation was going. In my head I was saying is this an episode of Jerry Springer. I said , "Yes I know you love me". I was waiting for some bad news but she didn't anything. Then she tells me that when she was in the hospital not only did she have pneumonia but she had something else . Then she got very quiet and started to cry. I thought she was dying with cancer. I got so upset. I told her just tell me. She said she was pregnant and thought I would be upset because we had just talked about being a good Aunt and a good Uncle. I was so relieved that my my wife was not dieing. I started to cry not only because I was relieved about my wife but because my second dream came true about being a dad.  It took eleven years to happen and yes I am an older dad but I feeI very blessed.

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