Tuesday, February 18, 2014


One day when Peter was giving me a problem about changing his diaper.  I decided to do something fun in order to get him to his changing table to change his diaper.  I decided to make him fly by carrying him.

Since he loves Super Why and has many Superhero pajamas he loves to fly just like them. He flies over his toys. He flies over mommy laying sometimes on the couch. He flies over furniture, all while I am trying to avoid killing myself. It has been the best upper body workout a dad can ever have. Who needs the gym?

When he does fly he pretends not to crash into walls or other objects . Sometimes he goes flying though clothes that are hanging on a clothes line.  He also flies into the crib when it is time to go to sleep and says, "Made it Safe". It is one of his favorite thinks to do. 

Why do kids like to fly and be superheroes? I guess it is being a kid. It makes them use there imaginations and gives them hope that they can accomplish anything. 

Off we go again! Super PC to the rescue!

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