Monday, September 29, 2014

Rad Dad Tees Giveaway

Rad Dad Tee's are cool and unique tee shirts for Dads to proclaim their Dad-hood. If you are a Rad Dad these tee shirts are for you.

Each Rad Dad Tee is make with American Apparel Tee Shirts. They are one hundred percent cotton except for their heather grey ones.  They are ninety percent cotton, ten percent polyester. These tee shirts are made here in USA. 

Each tee shirts designs are fun and different. I love the stamp on the inside of the backside of the shirt. Not only does it it tell the size . It tells you to wash it inside  out to protect the graphics. Here it also says," 100% Cotton, 200% Comfy" which is true. I also like the four lines written for a positive attitude. It says, "Today, I am going to be the best dad I can be. Then, I'll do it again tomorrow.". There is also a label with instructions how to make this shirt last longer which made me laugh. It states to wash the tee shirt inside out, tumble try low or hang dry. Failure to do so will cause the tee shirt to explode.

Everytime I wear my tee shirt people always ask me where I got it. I tell them Rad Dad Tees which is online. I have the SuperDad one. It is a picture of an image of superman flying through the city. On his face he has eye glasses and sports a mustache. The logo on this chest has the initials SD which stands for SuperDad.  It also says SuperDad under him flying above the city.. The graphics are great and so are the colors. The shirt is in the color of superman blue. 

Yes I am a Dad and yes I like to show off my Dad-Hood  by wearing this fun and unique tee shirt.

Two lucky winners will recieve a Rad Dad Tee in my first ever Giveaway.

Thank you Rad Dad Tee's. You are Awesome!

Disclaimer: These  views are my own opinions. I did not get compensated by Rad Dad Tee's. Rad Dad Tee's graciously sent me a tee shirt.

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