Monday, July 28, 2014

Introducing Teddy Spaghetti- Book Review

Introducing Teddy Spaghetti is a childrens book written by Diane Zizzo. The story is about Teddy who likes to do things but best of all he liked to eat spaghetti. Teddy is Diane's real dog who the book is based on. This book is written as a rhyming story because Diane loves to write poetry and always has. It is very cute and sweet. Children will love it. It is one of my sons favorite new books to read . It is worth taking a look at. Each page has paw print borders on them. There is even a page  to draw a friend for Teddy and a page to draw your own pet. The illustrations are draw by Earlene Gayle Escalona. The publishing company is Xlibris LLC. You can get it in Softcover and  Ebook. Hardcovers are limited editions. They are available online at, and all other major bookstores.
       Here is the real Teddy and his book.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Feeling Guilty

As a dad I never thought I would feel guilty about anything with my son. I usually don't but things have changed recently due to an event that happened this past weekend. Which made me feel awful and very upset

It started out as a wonderful day. It was warm and sunny. We were out to Long Island for the weekend. My sister in law went to go to her parents upstate. My brother in law works nights and did not go upstate with my sister in law so myself and my wife with Peter went there to watch my niece. We were debaiting what to do. Should we go strawberry picking on a farm out in Riverhead?  Should we go to Splish Splash which is a waterpark for the day? Or Should we go to Adventureland which is a Amusement Park.

When we mentioned Adventureland to my niece her eyes lit up with excitement. To those who think they have heard the name Adventureland. A movie was made in 2009 about a college graduate who works at an amusement park in 1987 . Jesse Eisenberg played the starring role. The movie was written by Greg Matolla who lived and grew up in Long Island. He use to go to that amusement park as a kid.

The day was going well. We were all having fun. Peter and my niece were going on all of the kiddie rides. Then myself, my wife Kate, Peter and my niece went on all of the family rides  Then myself and my niece would go on the big rides. God Bless my niece because she went on most of the rides with me. I love her very much and did not pressure her to go on anything she did not want to. She loved the log flume and the spinning swings. We went on the log flume 4 times in a row. It was hot out it felt good.  We rode the swings 3 times. I love all kinds of rides. I felt like a teenager again.

I decided to go on the teacups with my niece and Peter. The ride started and we were laughing having a good time. I started spinning the car slow. Then I started to spin the teacup faster. The teenager in me came out. I spun the teacup very fast. I didn't realize that the force would take down my son.  Peter flew forward and hit his head first on the wheel that you spin. Flew back and clocked the back of his head on the back of the seat. Then went down on the seat. I grabbed him first then tried to stop the teacup from spinning. Everyone knows that it is very hard to stop them from spinning. I thought I killed him. He was okay he just laughed. I almost started to cry.

I never felt so guilty. I didn't think and I could of hurt my own child who I love more than anything in this world. It still haunts me because I have never done anything that would endanger my child or hurt him because he is too precious to me. I still see the image in my head what happened and what could of happened. I know the guilt will disappear eventually and I know that there might be more times were I will feel guilty but thats when you realize that you are not a perfect parent.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

5 Things I have learned since becoming a Dad

The first thing I have learned since becoming a dad is having patience. Ever since my son Peter was born I have learned to have patience. The older he gets the more patience I need to have. As an adult you seem to lose patience the older you get but by having children you learn quickly that things take time with them and it takes time for them to accomplish tasks.

The second thing I have learned since becoming a dad is showing more love.  I thought I knew what love was. Love comes in many different ways and forms but when my son was born I never experienced the love I have for him. Love is the greatest gift God could of given us and every day I see more love from my son with kisses, hugs and I love you Daddy which makes me do and show it more.

The third thing I have learned since becoming a dad is showing more politeness - Even before my son was born I was polite to people but since he was born it is even more instilled in me. Please, Thank You, Your Welcome. I do not force my son to say it in order to get something or do something in return. I show him how nice you can be to someone. Politeness is lost in children these days because parents don't institute it. I want my son to be respectful to everyone regardless of people's disrespect for other's.

The fourth thing I have learned since becoming a dad is being disciplined, you read that right. Ever since my son was able to talk. I have learned to have discipline. Children hears and sees how a person acts and what a person says. They are sponges and pick up things fast even though you think that they are not listening. Children even mimic every move you make. I am now very cautious about what I say especially cursing and my actions.

The fifth thing I have learned since becoming a dad is sharing. My son shares this toys and things with everyone. When I mean sharing I mean time. The term sharing is caring makes me laugh because it is so very true. Sharing time with a child and a wife are two different things. Although I love spending time with my spouse, nothing compares with time alone with your child especially if you work full time. I take off whenever I can to give my wife some time alone and do things with my son. I enjoy it very much and look forward to a lifetime of sharing.

These are the 5 things I have learned since becoming a dad. I am sure there will be more things to come  just as my son grows up and gets older.