Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Personal Journey

Last year when I turned 49 I decide that I was going to run a race when I turned 50. That goal was completed before I turned 50. It has been a journey and a personal thing. Last year in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could do a major accomplishment by running a 5k. A 5k I will never forget. The Tunnel to Towers 5k run/walk. This race was started by the Stephen Siller Foundation. Stephen Siller was a firefighter who ran from Brooklyn through the Battery Tunnel with his gear on to help people who were caught in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Stephen Siller died that day. This race is in memory of him, NYFD, NYPD, Miltary and First Responders.

My journey has been a long one. Almost a whole year of training for something that I put my heart and soul into. Sometimes giving up when things were hard, especially when I couldn't meet my goal for the day. I was being hard on myself because I never thought I would make my goal and achieve a personal victory. I have tried to run for years but always gave up on myself. I never pushed myself because it is easier to quit than to keep on going.

I did this race not only because of a goal and a personal journey. I have been personally affected by 9/11. I was one of the last two people to see PO Perry that morning who came to my office to retire. He joked around with me and another co worker saying the paperwork was hot off the press to retire. We laughed for a while and then he left. The first plane hit the first tower. From what I learn PO Perry  ran from our building which is about 3 or four blocks from the World Trade Center on an angle.  I never saw him again. He died that day. Instead of thinking of himself and retirement, he thought of others who needed help. A true hero. A person who sacrificed everything for the call of the job. I will never forget him and that day.

The Tunnel to Towers run itself also effected
me. I saw many wounded warriors. Men and women who risk their lives at war. Those members of the military who lost limbs, in wheel chairs who can't walk. I saw flags off firefighters who died on 9/11. I saw family member of people who died that horrible day. All of them inspired me and touched me. It is easier to see it on tv then to deal with it in person. The only thing I could say was Thank You with a handshake or a a pat on the back of the vets. This made me wipe tears from my eyes and was life changing. The change was not to take things for granted, enjoy life, and continue to appreciate what I have. 

Who knows what my next personal journey will be, will be be a long journey or a short journey. Will I succeed or will I fail? Who knows but I am ready.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bring Your Child to Work Day Revisited.

Bring your Child to work day was not originally started the way it is celebrated today. It was originally started in 1993 by the Ms. Foundation for Women. The intent was to introduce girls direction and insight into the work world. Now they include boys because they are interested in seeing were their mothers or fathers work. 

One day back in March at my son's daycare another child asked my son if his mommy or daddy was bring him to work on that special day. He did no know about it because he is younger than some of the other children that go there.  Peter is only three and a half and the child who asked him is 5 years old. When he came home from daycare he asked us if he could come to work with me or my wife. Where my wife works is really not the best place to have children. She works in the offices of a cemetery. So I decided to take him with me because I work for the NYPD at their headquarters and I knew that the department would be doing something for the children. My office was so excited to see Peter because the last time people saw him he was only one and a half.

He was very quiet at the beginning which is normal for a child going to a strange place. He warmed up and was a delight to all of the people in the office. He sat at my desk and saw all the things that I have from him including drawing and pictures of him. He ate his breakfast and enjoyed being at daddy's work.

My office did not have anything special that day but the department themselves went all out. Lots of things to see and do.
We spent half of the day doing all of the activities that were set up.

First we took portraits of us and then Peter by himself. They were done by our Photo Unit which has professional photographers. 

We then went down to the court section where they bring in people who are being arrested. Peter sat in a patty wagon and was walked to the cells. They then gave him a metal detector wand to see if I had metal on me. It beeped. They showed him the big holding cell and gave him a box of cereal. They explained that the cereal is what they give them when people are brought in the morning.

We then proceeded outside. There was a  rock wall for the kids to climb, horses for the children to ride, old police cars and police motorcycles. We waited on the line for Peter to ride the horses but when the horse brought his head down to Peter he became scared. He did not want to ride the horse then. We walked over to the rock wall and Peter wanted to go in it but the spaces were too big for him to reach to pull himself up. I promised him next year he will be able to do it. We went to the old police cars next. He really enjoyed them. We actually got inside if one. Then Peter asked me to sit in the back. I did and told him I never want to see him in the back seat of a police car. He faked driving me around.

The next thing Peter became excited about was sitting on a motorcycle. He made believe he was out in the open air driving on the highway. He really like it. It took me a half an hour to get him off the motorcycle. 

It was a day Peter will never forget. A day full of fun for him. He asked me if he could come back the next day. I had to explain to him that all of the activities that went on the day before was only that one day and he would have to wait until next year.

Did I get any work done that day? The only work I accomplished that day was turning on my computer but what I accomplished was that my son got to see where I work and it made him happy.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Growing fast with lots of love

I can't believe how time flies. Just yesterday you were a little baby and now you are three years old. I remember the day that you were born. You came 4 weeks earlier. You were ready to begin your life with us.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. In the middle of the night around 2 am on October 20th. You started making  your journey into our lives. It was the best day of my life knowing that you came from me and mommy with lots of love.  It was 11 years of trying without success . Stress and the realization that being an aunt and uncle was becoming the reality, Then it happened. Oh my God. Mommy was pregnant. I truly believe that you chose us as your parents. God must of know what he was doing when he decided to bless us later on in life with you. The joys and fears of being parents at an older age hit. Am I going to be  a good father? Am I going to be able to keep up with you? Those fears lasted until the day that you were born. Once you were here I knew with lots of love things would be okay.

As you started growing and understanding love, you've shown me more love than I could of ever imagined. I love your mother very much but in a different way. Love comes in many forms. I know your love is pure as snow.  As you grow no matter how much you might make me mad for doing something wrong. I will always love you and guide you in the right direction. Our love and bond will grow as you grow up. Even though you are still young. You have a big heart. I see it and so does your mom. You show so much love it makes me proud to say you are my son.

As the years continue and your love grows you will eventually grow up. You will eventually become a man and hopefully get married to whom ever you want too. If you are blessed to have a family you will understand what love of a child is just like your father.