Saturday, August 16, 2014

Road trip with a Toddler Part 1

Summer is almost over and Kate and I decided to take a trip up to Kate's parents house in Beavers Dam NY because we haven't seen them in a while.  Beavers Dam NY is about 5 hours in western NY state. It feels like forever to get there. The only thing I could think about is dreading getting into a car for a long trip with a child who doesn't like really long car rides and wants go get out of his car seat all the time. Oh let the stress begin.

Yesterday we began our adventure traveling a little more than half way. We left Queens about 10:30 am and headed to out destination. Kate is an excellent packer. She packed for herself and for Peter which made it easier.  She packed some of his favorite toys including a dvd player so he can have some inflight movies and some of his computerized toys to keep him occupied with learning.

The reason we went more than half way is because it was a lot for Peter sitting in the car seat and on Kate because I do not drive. Long story. We stopped in Binghamton for a overnight at a hotel which Peter loved to explore. It was a basic room but had everything we needed just to sleep and continue in the morning.

This morning we continued on our adventure heading to Beaver Dam NY. Yes we made it and are going on many adventures with the family and my in laws the next couple of days. I am glad we made it without any really bad incidents with Peter. He is a real trooper. This is the longest car ride he has ever been on and hope the trip back to Queens will be just as pleasant as the road trip up here.

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