Saturday, March 1, 2014

Peters first Hockey Game

Since Peter was about one and a half years old he liked hockey. When he was fussing my wife Kate would put him in front of the television and turn on a hockey game. He would calm down  and sit there and watch the game. As he got older he screamed for hockey. One time we went to Wild Buffalo Wings in the summer. The only thing that was on all of the television screens were baseball. Little League, Major League and Minor League and everything associated with baseball. Peter screamed HOCKEY until I put You Tube on and found him a game. He kept quite and watched the whole game.

Today Kate and I took Peter to his first hockey game. Kate's girlfriend Hilary got all of us tickets to the New York Islanders vs The NJ Devils game. They were playing at The Nassau Coliseum . The seats were not bad they were high up and we had really had a good view of the ice. I am not a really a hockey fan but thought it would be fun since Peter has a fascination with hockey.

All Peter said on our way to the game was hockey jersey house. When we finally got there you should of seen his smile on his face. It was priceless. He had a ball and enjoyed ever moment of the game. He kept saying, "Daddy look hockey". He clapped every time Lets Go Islanders played. He really did not move out of his seat during the game . Sometimes children get antsy sitting still for long periods of time. Kate did take him to a shop to buy him stuff to remember this game. He ended up with a small hockey stick and a stuffed islander bear which he calls Puck. 

The final score was 6 to 1. The Islanders did lose big time to The Devils and the fans from Jersey will gloat but the experience I had today with Kate and Peter will last a lifetime. When Peter gets older I will tell him about his first hockey game and show him pictures to relive the day we all had together .

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  1. How sweet is that! So glad you guys got to experience this together!