Thursday, March 13, 2014

Love you with all my heart

We all think we know what love is until we have children. I thought I knew what love is.  Boy was I suprised how much I didnt know about love. There is so many different kinds of love.  The love of a spouse,  the love of parents, the love of grandparents , the love of a sibling, the love of a pet, the love of a friend they are all different but nothing compares to the love for your children.

I didn't think I could love someone as much as I do my son Peter. The day my son was born my whole life changed. Seeing that  baby which came into this world earlier than he was suppose to. He was due to come into this world by C section on November 14 but showed up on October 20th 2011. The love was there from the beginning. Seeing him with all tubes in him made me realize how fragile life really is and how much love was there for him. He just swallowed fluids and had a hard time adjusting to breathing until the fluids cleared out. He had a feeding tube too to make sure he ate. It actually looked worse than it was. He was in the NICU Unit for 3 days.

I tell him all the time I love him to let him know and to also show him that it is okay to show your love and affection. Sometimes men in general have a hard time expressing their love.
It is okay for a man to hug and kiss another man exspecially when your come from Italian heritage. Thats the normal greeting. He sees this all the time when my whole entire famiy is together.

I know he knows what love is. He says it all the time. Love you Daddy always with a hug and a kiss. It is the most fantastic feeling in the world. Or when I come home from a hard day at work or stressed from work. He comes running screaming, "DADDY" and hugs the legs. When I see this it reassures me that I am doing a pretty good job as a father.

From the day you were born to the day I die. My love for you will continue. Whatever you do in life or whatever decisions you make regardless if they are not the right ones. I WILL LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.

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